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Kimberly, an aspiring Fashion Designer, and Charles, an Attorney on Wall Street and later, channeling his creative energy in the Culinary Arts, always dreamed of someday owning their own business.  After years of Kimberly traveling the world pursuing her career & Charles creating culinary delights  for some of the top restaurants in Manhattan, decided to leave the hustle & bustle of

New York City, to follow their dreams...

So in 1998, Once Upon A Table was created in Historic Chester, amidst the backdrop of some of New Jersey's most beautiful countryside. Originally conceived as a gourmet bistro surrounded by an eclectic array of home accessories & furniture, Kimberly & Charles' creativity for buying unique pieces, transformed Once Upon A Table into a Home Furnishings business.

  Clients overwhelming requests for Kimberly's creative

interior design resulted in the creation of the

Interior Design Studio at Once Upon A Table

in the Spring of 2000.

Today, Once Upon A Table is a Full Service

Interior Design Studio creating beautiful homes

that are cherished for a lifetime.

Weave  your own story of elegance...

A story that could only begin with Once Upon A Table.



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