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This tall back sofa features padded arms that flow up and into a back border that outlines the inside back. Three boxed and buttoned back pillows are raised over a boxed bench cushion. The sofa is raised on solid Beechwood tapering legs. Two 20” buttoned throw pillows and two 11 x 19 throw pillows accompany the piece. This versatile sofa works well in both casual and formal settings, making it the perfect family room or living room sofa.


SKU: 1244-01
$8,930.00 Regular Price
$4,465.00Sale Price
  •  94"W x 41.50"D x 37.50"H

    • INTERIOR: 86"W x 23"D x 17.50"H
    • SEAT HEIGHT:  20"
    • ARM HEIGHT:  24"
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